Go the Distance

Hello! Today I am going with a tried-and-true subject: Disney.

I looked over a few different options, and chose this one because I knew it was something I could write about. I think I have this exact problem a lot more than I realize. I talk about seeing the world and making a difference and doing something that matters, but most days I just sit at home watching Netflix and letting life go on outside. I literally go days without leaving my apartment sometimes. I want to move someday and see more than just Nebraska, but sometimes it feels like I let each day pass without doing anything significant, because I am just waiting for my chance to get out of here. And suddenly, here I am- 21, nearer 22 than I'd like to be, without having gone to school, just having left a job that I settled for 2 years at, and without having seen most of what I would like to have seen. I feel like I am just chalk full of things I would love to see and do, and yet I am nowhere closer than I was 2 years ago when I moved to Omaha. But this is why I love Disney- because no matter how old you are, or where you are in life, Disney reminds you of the adventures that are out there, and how to be brave and selfless and true to yourself. Even if you feel that you are too late, or too lost, or too old, you never will be if you remember everything Disney taught you when you were young. Be kind, have faith, be brave, follow your heart, be adventurous, and never forget that if you have someone that you love, anything is possible.

I guess today I'm just stealing other people's ideas for my pages, but this quote is from Harry Potter, and, like basically everything in HP, is brilliant.
The quote really speaks for itself, so I suppose I'll just leave everyone to take what they will from it.

This isn't necessarily a "Words of Encouragement" pin, but I love the meaning behind this- everyone here obviously can tell I love Disney, and this picture is amazing to me. Scars are nothing to be ashamed of- they are something to own and overcome. Again, everyone here probably knows that I am a Christian, and this is what I think- God's grace is big enough to overcome anything. Maybe Walt Disney isn't a Christian, and maybe Disneyland isn't exactly church, but I think God can show us grace in the most wonderful and surprising ways. Never write something off because it's not God striking you with lightning or hitting you with a Bible- He can get through to you in any way possible, even with Disney.

Sometimes, I think we all forget how important this is to remember. We are all trying to move as quickly from one place to the next, from one goal to the next, but the truth is that we are all just running from the fact that we won't live forever. We have such little time on this earth, and I think it scares everyone, even just a little. We shouldn't be afraid of taking things slowly, of taking time to achieve our dreams. Obviously, as this quote says, we should also make sure we don't stall things to the point of "standing still" in our lives. Keep moving forward, and keep living your lives to the fullest. Just make sure you focus on the things that really matter, and remember to do the things that make you happy, and treat others with the same respect you want to be treated with.

This post is dedicated to National Cat Day! Enjoy! : )

For anybody that has ever seen Boy Meets World, this photo is all you need. This show taught me everything I needed to know about life- how to treat people right, how to trust your friends and family, how to give up everything for those you love, how to find people that would give up everything for you, how to be a good wife, and more. I love this show and everything it represents, and if you have never seen it, you need to watch it!

I'm in an Alice In Wonderland mood at the moment, and this movie is full of wisdom that I definitely did not understand as a child. I like to think that there is an Alice in all of us, and I also think everyone needs to remember how it feels to be a child and to see Wonderland in any situation. We are all ever-changing, and it is impossible to stop ourselves from growing up, sometimes much too quickly. No matter how much you change, just keep the child inside yourself to remember that there can be good in everyone and that you should try to see the wonder in everything, even situations that are scary and unfamiliar. And never forget to listen to your own very good advice.  : )

Namesake of the board! Can't say I'd get this personally, but I love the idea. I think this kind of reminder is great, and I want to always remember that I have the strength and endurance to go the distance.

This quote always inspires me- hope it inspires everyone else!

Happily Ever After. Sounds great, huh? Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. Alex is wonderful, and he is in so many ways my perfect match. At the same time, he is opposite me in ways that seem so important at the time. Unfortunately I know we will never be kids again, and we will never have that crazy first love feeling again, but I also know that he will always be my first love, and we don't need to feel like kids to be in love. Here's a few quotes to inspire anyone trying to remember that love does take work, but it is always worth it.

Well, today I am posting inspiration from one of my favorite movies- A Little Princess.
I love this movie because it tells the most important lessons that every young girl should know, especially the one pictured. I will teach my daughters this same lesson, and I can only hope they will teach their daughters the same. The thing about princesses is this- a princess is kind, loving, compassionate, and caring. A princess knows when to listen and when to speak, and she knows when to admit that she is wrong. She is kind to everyone, no matter how they act and no matter what their station. She treats all people equal. And it doesn't hurt to sing a lot and love animals. : )

This quote really touched me today, because, to be completely honest, it has been awhile since I have personally felt God's presence. I have my moments of just awe-inspiring yes God is real, but they are few and far between- especially as of late. C.S. Lewis had it right here- just look around when you are wondering if God is really there. Everything in my life points to divine intervention. Without God I know I would be a much different person, and I would never have gotten married to Alex. Even for the times when things are hard and I can't seem to see the light through all the clouds and rain, I know all the beautiful flowers and trees and the green grass are a result of the sun, and it will appear again.

I'm fairly sure I will never be able to figure out anything that has to do with technology, and this is proof. I have no idea how to create new posts on each page, so for now I just have this- one page and one post. But I will just enter down each time I have something new to say. : ) But here is my inspiration for the day.
I know I don't really need to elaborate on this quote, but what are people here for if not to bask in my infinite wisdom? : ) To me, a lot of reason people don't try is due to a fear of falling. I know I personally have had doubts about my jobs, my school, and just life because I am afraid if I try too hard I will fail. On the other hand, I totally agree with the bottom because I know that living with no risk is basically not living at all. So here is my advice both to everyone but also to myself- you will never have any true satisfaction if you don't take any risks to get there. And that is all I have today! Don't forget to check out my other pages!

Well, here we have my first attempt at a Page. I'm not entirely sure how to do it, so please forgive my various editing to achieve my eventual goal of having an actual visitor worthy blog.  : ) The title of this particular blog is from Hercules, and is meant to inspire. The song "Go the Distance" includes a chorus saying, "I will find my way, I can go the distance. I don't care how far, somehow I'll be strong. I know every mile will be worth my while. I would go most anywhere to find where I belong." This page will hopefully be posts of what inspires me, and what I hope to use to inspire everyone else. Enjoy!

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