Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oh the outfits I will make!

This week I am on vacation in Minnesota and so far, it has been absolutely wonderful! Yesterday my husband and I visited some friends from high school and shopped in the Mall of America, and today we went swimming with our friend who lives in the country and then, surprise surprise, shopping the the Mall of America! Today I am simply sharing my finds from the Mall, and hopefully soon I will showcase the fabulous outfits I hope to put together. If there are any ideas on pieces that would look good with my new tops, I would love to hear or see them!

 Top #1 and #2 are from Tilly's
Top #3 is from The Garage
Top #4 and #5 are from H&M
I would wear #1 tucked into a skirt, preferable one with a pattern or bold colors.
#2 will go well with most form fitting maxi skirts, as long as the colors don't clash.
Top #3 is basically the best top I have ever encountered, and you can see the perfect outfit on my style board on Pinterest.
#4 and #5 actually look quite lovely together, and I would probably wear either jeggings or black leggings and then add a big red necklace for color.
Hope you enjoy and, again, I hope to post some of these once I get home and have my whole wardrobe to work with, rather than the weeks worth I packed for my vacation.

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  1. Love the lace vest! Looks like you are having fun :)