Monday, September 2, 2013

Long time no see

Wow guys- I've taken way too long to post! A little update on my last week will be in my I Have A Dream page, so please check that out! For today, I have an outfit that looks similar to one's you've seen before, but with a new top from Tilly's. This skirt seriously has been a life-saver because it is so versatile. The skirt is an interesting piece because it started out as a dress from Target, and I hated the top part so I took apart the seams to match the skirt with other tops. The top I bought from Tilly's on sale for $15 at the Mall of America last month. Also, you may take note of my foundation and blush, which is from Mary Kay. I am hoping to start a little makeup section as I learn to wear all of my new makeup. Enjoy the outfit!