Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cheetah and Teal

Today I wore another new outfit which combined my two favorite things- cheetah print and the color teal. This color is so popular right now, and it is one of my favorites. Cheetah has always been something I love, and you are going to be seeing it a lot this season : ). I bought this sweater for $8 at Plato's (plus my discount!), and I got these bracelets and the necklace from Wet Seal the other day, where they are having a buy one get one .01! I painted my nails teal for Halloween, and one of my youth group girls this evening asked, "Do you paint your nails to match your outfit?" : ) Ha if only I had the time for that! Anywho, I paired this sweater with leggings, but you could for sure put it with skinny jeans or any form of skinny colored pants. Also, a pair of boots would look great with it!

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