Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Coats for Fall

If there is one thing I love about cool weather- it's the coats that we use to warm up! Here I have some trends that I love right now in jackets and coats- if anyone has more to share, please do!

1. Army Green Jacket & Mixed Material
These trends are my favorite right now, because I think they would honestly look great on basically anyone, and the green is a nice mix up from the typical drab colors of winter,
This particular jacket is from American Eagle, but I'm not sure they still sell it. There are tons of adorable options available on Ebay if anyone is looking! 
The mixed material trend is also super popular right now, and while I love this green mix, any kind of material would work- let your own personal style dictate how you wear this trend!

2. Double Breasted Trench Coat
I love this twist on the trench coat- the tulle underneath gives it an amazing girly kick, while still keeping the top slim and form fitting. The worst idea anyone ever had was to make coats puffy and unflattering. Who says you can't look fabulous while being toasty?

3. Side Zipper Jacket
I absolutely love the side zipper that is popular this fall- anyone can wear a moto jacket, but it takes guts to rock this look! The red is my personal favorite, but the other two are positively adorable as well. I'd say throw this over a plain top and some skinny jeans and you would look fabulously B.A.

4. Studded Denim Jacket
This fall is all about classic pieces with a twist, and that is exactly what happens when you punk out a regular denim jacket. Studs are in this fall, and why not have them on everything? I love this look, but I also think gold studs look great on denim.

5. Belted Trench Coat
This trend is super cute, and I love the slight twist on the classic. The best part about trench coats is the ability to wear basically any color and have it look fabulous! If you typically have a safe style, try mixing it up with a red or blue trench over your normal outfit.

That's all I have for now, but just remember that right now we are very much in an, "Anything Goes" phase of fashion. If you think it looks good- wear it proudly! Obviously you want to make sure you stay clean and classy, but rock whatever style you want, and have fun with it!

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