Friday, August 9, 2013

My first attempt at personality.

Recently, I have been wondering what the purpose of my blog really is, and what sort of message I am trying to leave with people. Is my blog simply for pictures of my outfits? Am I only trying to give people a list of photos? I would like to think I have a lot more to offer than only my style, but of course that is simply how I feel about the matter. Rather than let myself ponder the purpose of this blog for the next couple months, I've decided to alternate between meaningful posts and showing photos of my outfits. Today I will start with a little information about myself. I suppose when I am forced to define myself, the first word that comes to mind is "wife." I have been married for a little over a year and a half, and I would say that my marriage is the number one thing in my life at this moment, although I should say it is the number two thing. The number one thing should be God, because I am, and have been my whole life, a Christian. As a 20 year old woman in the fashion industry, however, the relationship I have with God suffers more than I would like, unfortunately. Besides the three main aspects in my life (Alex, God, and fashion), I'd say my job takes up a good amount of time as well. I am the assistant manager at Plato's Closet, and although I like to take time off to visit home and go on little trips with Alex, I work what seems like quite a bit. I love the job, but I would like someday to grow up from this to do greater things. I would love to open my own boutique or be a buyer for someplace like Macy's. Plato's Closet is somewhat of a starter job for me, but I could be there much longer than I'm planning, depending on Alex's plans. We might stay in Omaha after Alex finishes school, due to the youth group we help out with on Wednesday nights, but I personally would love to move somewhere a little bigger. Well, I suppose that is enough boring stuff for now : ) but I would also love to add something like a daily quote to inspire and hopefully give people something to look forward to. I'll hopefully put up a picture tomorrow!

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