Friday, March 7, 2014

An actual pair of jeans

Well today I have a groundbreaking post- a pair of American Eagle jeans. Yesterday whilst out shopping, my mother and I stopped at a resale store called Closet Savvy in Grand Island. The prices were similar to Plato's Closet, but the selection was quite a bit smaller. I managed to walk away with this Almost Famous top for $6.50, these AE jeans for $12.50, an Angie dress for $10, some Zigi sandals for &10, and a pair of Gianni Bini shorts for $8. Luckily, my mother, being the fabulous woman that she is, picked up the tab, so technically I was away with everything for free. :) I figured it was just time that I overcame my denim phobia, and I have to say I feel pretty good. Enjoy!

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