Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another DIY

Today I am showing something I am actually pretty proud of- my first somewhat design. I would honestly love to start designing and/or making my own clothing- I am especially interested in skirts or steampunk, and hopefully soon will be able to at least start learning how. This skirt initially started out as a dress that I bought at Plato's for about $2, and I bought this elastic for about $3. The dress itself was super cute, but unfortunately the top did not fit right and made me look like a large 5 year old going to a tea party. I used inspiration from Carrie's signature tulle skirt in Sex and the City and think I came out with a pretty darn cute skirt, if I do say so myself. : )
Here we have the initial dress-

I used 1 yard of non-roll 1.5 inch elastic from Joann's fabric and my grandma helped me with her serger- which is about $2,300, just for everybody's information : )

This is the skirt after the top was cut off and sewn-
And finally kiddos- the finished product!

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