Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Business in the Front

Hello all! I have a post the very day after my last! What is that about? I notice my hair looks basically the same, and of course I am sticking with my tried and true skirt, tank, and big necklace. My necklace is even the same as yesterday : ). But besides that point, today I went birthday shopping with my mom, our friend Mrs. Moody, and my friend from Omaha and I had a lovely time. I bought a new skirt, new sandals, and some accessories- hopefully I can debut those soon! As for today, here's the rundown:

Gold Necklace- $5 Charlotte Russe
Black Cami- $2.80 Forever 21
Lace Tank Cardigan- $10 The Garage
Mullet (High Low) Skirt- $8 Plato's Closet

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